About Us

Sevrat is a proud Indian brand, founded in 2019 by Mr. Devendra Prasad with the vision of crafting the finest leather products for people who appreciate timeless elegance and quality craftsmanship. Sevrat is a premium leather brand owned by DigitalXnode. Sevrat market hand crafted pure leather products which cover handbags, laptop bags, messenger bags, Tote bags, Duffle Bags etc. We specialize in the design and selection of leather to offer international quality, design, finishing, original leather feel factors etc.

Sevrat men’s category caters Gym goes, Travelers, Bag pack tourist, bikers and professionals. We offer high quality, artistic and hand made laptop bags for MacBook and other laptops with sleek sizes. We do offer extensive range for females going for domestic and international travel, office goers and social gathering. On the pricing side, we offer bags at very cost-effective level when it comes to leather.

Our journey began with a dream to integrate Indian elegance, craftsmanship and soul in offered products. Our vision is to make you feel special when you carry bags, wallets, belts, jackets as part of your daily life. Our mission is to give you accessories to lift your personality, confidence, memories while walking through personal and professional life.

It all started with circumstances where our founder was looking for reasonably priced Full Grained tanned leather-based bag pack and computer bag during a major global leather event. The passion of being Indian and advocate of Indian craft, he searched similar mindset-based founder and setup team of grassroot level master craftsman. Every stitch, cut, and detail reflected the dedication and love poured into products. As phase 3, the company is moving from order to stich model to e-Commerce-based product sale.

Over a period, our craftsmanship spread like wildfire post continual increase of product use and being cherished companions in ones walk of life’s adventures. From exploring vibrant cities to fast lane of bullet train, our product witnessed breathtaking sunset, heartfelt conversation, and moment of quite reflection.

Each leather product of Sevrat carries its own inspiration, resilience, and the human spirit. We at Sevrat, talented team members of artisans, each with their own unique flavor of touch, handcraft our product using finest Full Grain Natural Leather only. Every piece of selected leather is minutely monitored and curated with accountability and responsibilities to ensure its authenticity and durability.

Our promise is to maintain the conviction of offering finest highest quality leather product and commitment toward local communities to create sustainable opportunities and offer open communications to empower artisans. By supporting, you become part of journey to preserve traditional craftmanship and the livelihoods of those who brings happiness, moment of differentiation and appreciation.

Welcome to our world of stories, where equilibrium of passion meets artistry and craftsmanship intertwines with love. We invite you and your referrals to explore our leather product lines.

Sevrat “Where Every Product Curate A Story in Your Life”